Strangely, given I have a life long obsession with sport, it took me the best part of a decade in journalism to start thinking about writing about it on any kind of every day basis.

I’ve been lucky to work regularly with some really great people, including having one of the broadest remits I’ve ever come across in journalism at the Dublin Gazette – while most sports publications have writers for (at the very least) all the major sports, I’m part of a team of three that produce all the sporting content for a newspaper group with a circulation of more than 70,000 weekly.

That means I have to be well versed in pretty much everything that’s going on locally to Dublin, but of course I have my favourites. I’m particularly besotted with Gaelic football and soccer, and also have more than a passing interest in rugby and distance runnings – the latter of which I go through stages of doing a lot of and none at all, such is life.

Alongside my regular role at the Gazette, I also write about League of Ireland football for, and have contributed a host of freelance articles to a broad array of publications ranging from the GAA’s Dublin county board to League of Ireland monthly.

Previous interview subjects include Padraig Harrington, Damien Duff, Bernard Brogan and Jim Gavin.