Slow, slow, slow.

You may have gathered that the start of my year has been…well, slow. Nothing going on at Berlitz Dublin, literally not a single class for me to teach until the 20th of January. How I’m supposed to get but financially, I frankly have no idea. I’m taking on some freelance lessons and hoping that will cover it – more lucrative than working for Berlitz in terms of hourly rate, but also much harder to come by. Looking on the positive side, at least I’m getting the chance to hammer the writing.

I have a few things under my hat there – I’m working with an American website on writing about South Korea, attempting to set up links and advertising with the SK government, which could be quite lucrative. I’m also getting more involved with Bling – my old Korean magazine (, and have a few other ideas up my sleeve as well.

I finally got round to setting up a ‘pro’ site, showing my published articles so far: (please don’t post comments after the articles – I’d love some feedback on here, but the new website is meant to be for editors, doesn’t look very professional to have random comments from friends and relatives on it!). I’m trying to write an article a day, with the aim of getting a good half of them published.

Helena went to try on wedding dresses the other day. I don’t think anything’s made me smile so much in a long time, though of course I couldn’t go along myself. One of her friends is also getting married, so they went together. We’ve booked to go to Spain and Gibraltar (which is legally a much easier place to get married) in early February to have a look for a nice venue.

Shops are closing down all over the place in Dubln. The recession’s obviously hitting hard, there are gaps appearing on even the most popular of high streets, and the environment is completely the opposite of the rush before Christmas. I’m starting to wonder if things will improve before we leave for India in June. If they don’t, I’m going to be going without much of the money I saved in Korea left, though it will last a long time in India anyway.

Not much you can do about it all really. Slow, slow, slow! I’m a little bored…

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