If you have a particularly good memory, (and enjoy reading my inane ramblings) you may remember that I interviewed for a promotion at work a while back. You’d have to have a particularly good memory, as Berlitz have some how contrived to take a grand total of over 80 days from the date of the first interview to announcing the positions… impressive.

Happily I got a promotion, though by the time the announcement was actually made it was starting to look more like a shoe in than any kind of achievement – so many people have left Korea recently and the company are having real difficulties replacing them. I don’t envy the hiring manager right now.

Anyway, my new job title is ‘Senior Instructor’, which is basically a junior management position. I’ll be responsible to some extent for teacher training, keeping standards high, communication with customers over teaching problems and running our language centre from an English teaching (as opposed to financial) point of view whenever the manager is out of the office. A little more stress, but it’ll be good for variety and look good on my CV in the future, especially when it comes to finding teaching jobs in other countries.

Monday’s going to be an expensive night – Korean tradition dictates that if someone is promoted they should take all of their co-workers out for dinner. That’ll probably cost me all the extra cash for the first few months, but ‘When In Rome’, as they say…

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