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’m off to India in just seven weeks, and before I head off I’d really like to my best to make this blog more interactive. I seem to be doing pretty well for visitors these days, but I’d love to hear a bit from you all: tell me some good stories, what you think of the whatever it is I’m up to, and – perhaps most importantly of all once I’ve disappeared into the wilderness – what’s happening in your lives?

In the interest of encouraging people to contribute (that’s what the message board is for!), and to give me some ideas, I’m going to start putting up some ‘polls’ every so often. If they go well, I’ll carry on doing it, so if you like the idea of having a bit of playful discussion on here, head on over to the message board and write me something entertaining….

I have a huge backlog of article writing to do right now (it’s not going to be the most relaxed weekend ever!), but when I finish, what I’d really like to do is write an article about teaching in Korea, targeted at people who lack imagination when it comes to escaping the job problems surrounding the recession (those who are in Korea, please let me know if I’m way off with this, and there aren’t any jobs anymore!). Now, before I get slated for this, I’m thinking more along the lines of graduates, people who have the flexibility to travel, as opposed to those unfortunate families with no income anymore.

I need a suitably silly title, and this is where you guys come in. I was thinking of using ‘Konglish’ as an attention grabber, and these are my favorite options (remember this is for a headline, not a ‘what is the funniest piece of Konglish’ contest, though please send me some more Konglish too if anyone has some new stuff!).  These may well end up as subtitles or the meaning could be totally unclear, and I plan to litter the article with Konglish.

So, for my first ever message board poll, please vote for your favorite of the following:

A – ‘Only little people like the left’ – perhaps with a playful focus on living near a ‘warzone’. This was a quote in reference to left wing politics, and how the student thought people usually grow out of it (yes, I know, Seoul is hardly a true warzone, but it can cover it in passing!)

B – ‘I’m sorry, Mr Lee is not alive’ – Quote from a secretary when one of my students had not yet arrived for his lessons. Article starting with a paragraph on early morning lessons ‘killing’ you.

C – ‘To keep healthy, we should drink a bottle of Soju and smoke half a pack a day’ – Used as an example of Korean lifestyle, which the rest of the article can then playing off this.

D – ‘Do you have a big moolah in your pocket?– could work well with the obvious number one reason for going to teach in Korea during the recession being getting an income.

E – For my friends based in Korea – hit me with some of your own. I’ll add them in if I deem them worthy!

So head on over to the message board and get involved!

(It’s worth a try!)

James x

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