India Mk. 2

The return to this blog’s birthplace is now a done deal. Helena and I have been 99% sure we’d be heading for India this summer for a few months, and we finally booked the flights this week. It’s been made a difficult decision due to the economy, it being nearly impossible to find a job over there and the likelihood that I wont be any easier when we come back, but we’ve decided to just go for it. We’re going to be staying in Delhi for the first few months (with the odd weekend trip to the mountains, to escape the heat, no doubt), and then heading off to travel for an unspecified length of time afterwards (we bought one-way tickets, yay!). The only limit we have is that I’ll have to be back in the UK for my sister’s wedding, which won’t be until June next year, so plenty of time!

I’m hoping to make a bit of money while we’re out there from writing, if possible. I’ll certainly have plenty of time to do it. I hope I’ll be able to set up some volunteer work as well – as we’ll be staying in one place for a few months, I’m thinking of trying to set up a ‘donation centre’ and taking piles of food an supplies down to the slums every so often. I think it will be interesting, and it would be nice to do some good while we’re out there.

I’ve gone off traveling so many times now that it’s getting ridiculous having parties to say goodbye, especially as there are plenty of people I haven’t seen since coming back from Korea, so I won’t be holding any ‘send off’ event. If anyone does want to catch up, I’m in the UK from the 15th of May, and flying to Delhi on the 18th of May, though I won’t be traveling around the country to see people, as I have only three days with my family before leaving. So if you do want to catch up, I’m really sorry but you’ll have to come down to Salisbury. I won’t be too offended if I don’t see many people!

Dublin was becoming incredibly stressful – a real hand-to-mouth existence in this economy – and to be honest I’m really excited about getting out and heading off for a good long trip.

So that’s the plan!

James x

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