Financially Shafted?

Those worrying about the financial crisis back in the UK, believe me you’ve got off lightly so far. The Won is currently collpasing by around 5% per day relative to the pound, and is threatening to make my final ‘big’ pay off a whole lot smaller than it should be. In fact, despite a promotion and pay rise since I arrived here, my salary in UK Pounds is currently almost 40% lower than when I arrived.

At exchange rates on the 11th of September my final pay off would have been in the region GBP4102 (final months salary and severance pay). Right now it stands at GBP3292 (a loss of GBP810), and at current rate of collapse, ill be really lucky if it remains much above GBP2500 (or over 40% less than just over a month ago) by the time I leave. As my pay off isnt due until a week or two after I leave Korea, I have to watch my hard earned money drift away into nothing.

Today I worked a 14 hour day. My total earnings in GBP? – (yes, that’s right, minus!) 60 (taking into account currency collapse on my severence, obviously).

Believe me, angry doesn’t even begin to cover it. Something tells me I left a month to late.

fuming J

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