Wedding: Photos 1 – The Official Ones.

So, here are the official wedding photos! I owe a huge thankyou to our photographer, James Goulden, for these (visit his website by clicking on his name), firstly for giving us a very generous ‘friends’ discount, and secondly for dragging himself all the way back from firstly Texas and then Iceland (right after that volcano hit) to take them. I haven’t had a chance to go through the larger selection yet, so these are just the ones he picked out, but I may well add a few more here later.

You can view larger version of all the files by clicking on the thumbnail image, or there’s a more user friendly version of this available here (I don’t know how long that website will stay live, hence the double posting). If anyone would like any copies of the pictures, please email me or let me know in the comments (don’t write your email address where it can be seen publically, this website gets a lot of spam – I can see it when you use it to make the comment) and I’ll send you a high resolution copy when I have a few minutes. Please let me know the photo number not a description, or I’ll be going through them forever! Enjoy, and thanks again those who were there! James x

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