Indiependence: The Disco Biscuit Subplot.

One of the reasons I love music festivals – music aside – is that the smallest of things can turn into the most hilarious of events. This is one of those examples. Lorraine, who works for one of numerous music websites I’m currently involved with, went shopping in Aldi when she arrived in Michelstown, and found an Aldi snack product called Disco Biscuits. As you may or may not know, Disco Biscuits is a common piece of street slang for a particular club drug. This entire thing relies on that double meaning, but just to be clear, we’re talking entirely about the candy pictured on this blog entry. Yes, sometimes we are total children.

Of course, as soon as we found ‘Disco Biscuits’ we thought of numerous ways to make use of them. The first suggestion was to take advantage of the festival fancy dress code to involve some policemen. A plan was hatched to find a policeman, compliment him on his costume and then ask him if he’s like a Disco Biscuit. We’d then to produce the snacks just before the handcuffs came out. We tried that one, and it didn’t go down with quite as much comic affect as we’d hoped for. I’d bring out the photo evidence, but the local police weren’t too amused by the idea of having their photo taken with Disco Biscuits. In case there was any doubt, I am still referring to the Aldi snack.

So we changed our plan to a bit of backstage shenanigans. One of the advantages of such a small festival is that backstage passes actually means sharing space with the bands that are playing, whereas elsewhere it often doesn’t. First I handed a Disco Biscuit to Scroobius Pip, which was met with mild amusement, but then Ash got involved, and things started to get really entertaining. Lorraine is a huge Ash fan, to the point that she turns into a gooey mess in the mere presence of lead singer Tim. Which she’ll love me writing on the internet. Egged on by numerous other media types, she handed the biscuits over to Tim, and I passed one to guitarist Mark. I interviewed Mark over the phone for Alternative Ulster a few weeks back, and I was really impressed that he remembered me, possibly because he gave me a (probably accidental) exclusive on the launch of a second ‘Best Of’ album. That became even more entertaining when we realized that Mark can’t remember the name of one of the members of his side project. Just in case anyone connected to the band does read this, I won’t say who. He seems to just open up every time I speak to him for some reason, as I got another exclusive from him backstage, which I can’t give out info on just yet.

Anyway, having handed out the Disco Biscuits, had a bit of a chuckle and headed on home, Kieran the twitter fiend uncovered that not one, but two members of Ash went online and told the world about their Disco Biscuits. I’d put money on Aldi naming those purely to sell them to idiots like us. Want a close up? Of course you do…

Maybe you had to be there…

James x

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