Birthdays, Bands and Battling Loko

Firstly, sorry about the serious quantity of articles that end up on here now. I know most people who come on here aren’t going to sit and read them, but I’m giving out this web address to potential publishers as somewhere to look at example of my writing, so I have to include them. Please feel free to ignore! I will eventually get round to adding photos from the last month or so (there are a few good ones) as well.

This weekend was great, but did absolutely nothing to ease my tiredness. I’m actually sat here today feeling quite annoyed with the admin staff at work, who forgot to tell me my 6.45am class this morning was cancelled on Friday night. Which means I could have stayed in bed until 9.30. Oh well.

On Friday I went to see Maroon Five play at the Olympic Gymnasium. The last time I saw Maroon Five was supporting someone else at around the time their first single came out, and I had no idea who they were. They impressed me than and they were even more impressive this time around. I never realized Koreans liked this band so much – the crowd was full people dancing with glow sticks, which had a pretty hypnotic effect. They even got a double encore – the first one of those I’ve seen since Muse at Glastonbury a couple of years back. Because of work I only got to see the last seven or eight songs, but then when the tickets are free I have no complaints – I did get to see a great cover of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’.

After having to work a really long Saturday (this place really needs some new teachers!) we had a big night out for Helena’s birthday. Her birthdays not actually till Tuesday, but much drunkenness ensued none the less. We started with a really good Thai meal and then headed for Hongdae and Sincheon and more different bars and clubs then I think anyone can remember until around 5am.

Somehow I dragged myself out of bed in time for the 4pm Loko match on Sunday, against the new side in our league. ‘Persian Storm’ is made up almost entirely of Iranians and already has an awful reputation in the league. They’re known for the combination of being both the dirtiest side (they got seven yellow cards against us and were extremely lucky not to get more) and the biggest moaners (they had the cheek to complain about ‘bad language’ from our players after they nearly broke bones on several occasions). They do have the advantage of playing in comfortably the best ground in our league – a 20,000 seater stadium. Who knows how they got hold of it, but the match photos look fantastic. I don’t think we’ve ever been so happy to beat a team – the only way to deal with such ridiculously bad sportsmanship is to make sure you put them away. 3-2 Loko.

Speaking of football, I couldn’t help noticing that the FA Cup went totally nuts this weekend – the winner will now be one of Portsmouth, Cardiff, West Brom and Barnsley… someone really hadn’t read the script! Let’s just hope it’s not Portsmouth, a non premier league side’s name on the trophy for the first time in what’s got to be decades would be great.

Another weekend down, I really need to start getting round to all the things I want to do before I leave Seoul… August actually seems quite close. Back to the articles!

J x

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