30 Before 30 Part 27: Get Every Major Trip Printed Into a Photobook.

All My Pictures Of You…

More than a decade of digital photos sat on a selection of hard drives. I guess it’s common, but until recently I did next to nothing with a decade’s worth of travel photos from four continents and over thirty countries, which seems something of a waste. I guess having Adam has shut down that part of our lives for a while, and so sifting through all the memories was pretty special, too.

These things normally cost a fortune. I found a good way around that: deals sights like LivingSocial and GroupOn often offer deals on the website Photobox, which allowed me to grab nearly a dozen books at around 10-12 Euros each, rather than the normal prices, which in many cases was approaching (and in a couple of places exceeding) 100 Euros per book. Which is clearly ridiculous. There’s now a heap of the things for me to bore visitors with from now on, like highly personalized coffee table books. I even got around to backing the whole lot up, which (somewhat criminally) I hadn’t done up until now. Not the most exciting ‘achievement’ of the year, but it needed doing.

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