The CONIFA Diaries: London 2018

In the CONIFA Diaries, I give a day by day lowdown on all the action at the Barawa hosted tournament in London. Below, you’ll find all the entries plus a link to my book on the 2018 tournament (and all the teams that play it, their struggles, and their goals), as well as a few assorted bits and pieces I did during the tournament. 

There’s quite a lot of this, so this page essentially aims to give you all the links in one place, should you feel like exploring. Dig in…

Pre-order and outline page for my book: CONIFA, Football For The Forgotten

Matchday 1: Clattenburg, Sportsmanship and the Matabeleland Party

A brief review of Barawa v Tamil Eelam for Prost Amerika 

Matchday 2: Mad Hungarians, Upsets, and A Trip Down Wembley Way

Matchday 3: The Favourites Fall, and A Taste of Kabylia

Matchday 4: A Lull, A Protest, A Thrashing, and A Cracker

Matchday 5: Fantastic Semis Light Up The World Football Cup

Matchday 6: An Atmospheric Final, and An Encounter with Tibet

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Radio Appearance – RTE 2XM