Vineyard album


Growing Up In Soulful Pop: The Brave Rebirth of Delorentos

Dublin’s deeply-personal indie-popsters Delorentos are growing up, fast. In ditching and totally rewriting their fifth album, they hope the result – ‘True Surrender’ – shows them for who they truly are.

As an embedded mainstay of the Irish music scene since their debut album ‘In Love With Detail’ propelled them to regular radio play and local acclaim, Delorentos – some of whom have been friends since childhood – have been fairly quiet since 2014 release ‘Night Becomes Light’.

In part, that period of quietness has come about because they’ve produced two different albums. The Dubs entirely abandoned the first of the two, written in a Spanish vineyard, in favour of a sound that more reflects the changes in their lives.

“As an independent band, that was a really hard call to make,” vocalist and guitar player Kieran McGuinness says of the decision to simply ditch their first effort. “Everything we do directly affects us as a result of being independent. I guess it doesn’t feel like that long to us since ‘Night Become Light’, as we released it in Ireland in 2014, Spain in 2015, Mexico in late 2015 and a few other countries in 2016.”

“With the Vineyard album, we’d taken several days off a tour to record, and the owner of Sonorama [a Spanish music festival] gave us access to a recording studio and a vineyard. We had sixteen songs at demo stage, and we were happy when we finished. It wasn’t like we suddenly put a cross through them all. I think it was a good Delorentos album, it was just the same as our last album, quite poppy, and quite what we felt people wanted to hear.”

“It gradually became clear that it wasn’t ‘us’ anymore. A lot has changed for us in the last few years. Three of us have married and one has got engaged. Three have moved house, three have had babies. There’s been a crazy amount of things going on. That wasn’t reflected in the album we’d made.”

Slowly, Delorentos came to the realisation that they’d have to abandon the planned album and start again. The new version, entitled ‘True Surrender’, is quite a departure from their traditional style.