Lost Lane: “opening a new venue will always give a sense of nervousness”

THESE DAYS, the development of a new live music venue in Dublin seems to be an increasingly rare thing. With the likes of Tivoli Theatre, Hangar, Twisted Pepper, the Wright Venue and Sweeney’s all departing the city’s musical map in recent years, those spots still standing at the heart of the Irish music scene feel too little, and are often full to bursting.

The announcement of the opening of Lost Lane, on the sight of the old Lillie’s Bordello on Adam’s Court, just off Grafton Street is a great boost, then, and one going very much against the grain.

Lost Lane will be part of the Porterhouse pub chain, but a step away from their traditional lively but very much beer-focused offering of their small-chain pubs. “A lot of venues have been closing recently but I think they would tend to fit more in the term of night club,” Elliot Hughes, Porterhouse partner told the Gazette.

“What we are doing with Lost Lane is embracing a growing culture of live music. This scene in Ireland has been booming over recent years with more and more talented artists looking for places to play around the capital, while I don’t think the infrastructure has followed suit. Of course though, everything is at risk. Opening a new venue will always give a sense of nervousness. It is impossible to guarantee success however we have a wonderful location, a top class sound system and a fantastic look to the venue.”

“We’ve moved the main bar as well as a couple of other major changes, while the main difference will be the aesthetic,” Hughes explains. “The stage area in particular is quite minimalist as we want the focus to be on what is important, the artist and the sound.”

With that in mind, Lost Lane will be welcoming a lot of emerging Irish artists, though the booking policy remains a relatively straightforward one. “The act must be quality,” Hughes says. “We’re passionate about supporting and showcasing local talent, but regardless if the act is local or international, the common denominator will be the quality of performers people can expect to experience at Lost Lane.”