The Wedding Present


The Wedding Present: “Music isn’t a film. It’s not a book. It’s about connection, about back and forth.”

34 YEARS after their formation, The Wedding Present – under the continued tutelage of their inimitable frontman David Gedge – are still one of the kings of musical juxtaposition.

A deeply emotional band ruminating on themes of love and desperation, Gedge’s pulsating live act complement the alluring simplicity of their age-old topics with vibrant, manic guitar and melodic gnash.

Gedge, the sole remaining original member of the band, is going through something of a nostalgic period at the moment.

“There are new ideas within this group,” he says, “but these anniversary tours are quite interesting. When they were first suggested to me, I wasn’t at all keen on the idea, but I spoke to people about it and almost universally, to a person, they said ‘do it’.”

“I’ve come to really enjoy them. Oddly, I’ve found it easier this time around. We used to fall off stage and almost collapse backstage after shows. Maybe I’ve developed the muscles to play guitar this way.”

Back living in the UK after various periods in the US, Gedge and the band have ended up playing a series of 30th anniversary shows, touring in spots such as Asia and lesser-known corners of Europe along the way.