Swords Celtic


Groundhopping: Kilbarrack United (v Swords Celtic, Greendale Road)

Date: 14 July 2021

Competition: Leinster Sunday Senior League Division 1A (Irish 5th tier)

Result: Kilbarrack United 5 – 0 Swords Celtic

Tickets: Free entry

Attendance: Around 120

The game: I picked out this game hoping for a goal fest: both teams were heading into the third game of their LSL season, and both have been involved in winning two high-scoring games ahead of this one, and sat near the top of the table. It didn’t disappoint, though Swords Celtic did.

Kilbarrack United scored twice in the opening 90 seconds, and effectively ended the game as a contest. In typical non-league fashion, a hefty proportion of the support – perhaps more than half – turned up late enough to learn the game was basically over when they arrived. Kilbarrack look a serious side, but mostly undid Swords with pace down the wings and a series of crosses across the six-yard box that they typically got to first. Of the five goals, four came down this route, and Swords never seriously looked like replying.

Impressive to watch, though it wasn’t much of a contest, sadly.