Sun Shakers


Sun Shakers: “When the world becomes worldy again we aim to take our show abroad and to start visiting our fans in the countries where streaming has worked its magic”

A sharp collaboration fusing disparate talents into a music whole, Sun Shakers are a mixed-genre outfit that forge a sound they call ‘Psychedelic Soul’.

With twin EPS behind them so far, they’ve already shown substantial artistic development, with songwriting changes contributed to by the developing band, each of whom is outlined in detail below.

As frontwoman Davina Brady tells me, their aims are broad and ambitious, and their hopes born more in the love of what they’re doing than any great dreams of success. Here’s what they told me ahead of the launch of ‘Back To Us’…

You describe your music as ‘psychedelic soul’. Tell me what new listeners should expect…

Psychedelic soul put simply is music working on behalf of peace and love! We describe psychedelic soul as music based on the ethos of soul music which combines a mix of genres such as rock, funk, jazz, folk and elements of old-skool hip hop. Colourful music, we aim to make each track a little bit dreamy and otherworldly through melody and arrangement.

Can you tell me the backgrounds of the various members of your band?

As a four-piece we have all come from very different places. Conall Heffernan, our Drummer is from Bray, Co. Wicklow. A curious mind, Conall has a love of travel and being culture shocked! Conall is a fluent Irish speaker and has a passion for language. The most recent language he has attempted is Russian. Conall currently works in management in a Tech firm and even with such a high-pressure job; band practice is a very important part of his week. A programmer by trade, Conall is the most sociable tech person you will ever meet. A warm heart and a wonderful calming nature, Conall is the Zen of this band.