GoldenPlec Select on RTE 2XM Volume 4: Leo Drezden

In ColourFew Irish scenes excite us more than the under touted world of feisty instrumental post-rock.

And So I Watch You From Afar, God Is An Astronaut, Enemies, the fantastic (and sadly now defunct) Adebisi Shank… the list of outstanding acts Ireland has in this particular area is something too infrequently acknowledged.

Newcomers Leo Drezden aren’t quite up with their Wicklow counterparts just yet. God Is An Astronaut, despite being criminally underrated here in Ireland, often play huge shows globally, while Enemies are the very cliche of ‘big in Japan’ when it’s not intended as sarcasm.

This fellow Wicklow act interested us, though, as they’re gorgeously textured and nuanced, exploring seemingly disparate worlds of jazz and sharp, layered rock in a colourful melting pot.

Listen to GoldenPlec mag co-editor James Hendicott sing their praises on GoldenPlec Select on 2XM last Monday, here.

Leo Drezden play GoldenPlec’s monthly Workman’s Club gig GoldenBeck this Thursday.

Here are a few other acts that grabbed us over the last fortnight, but didn’t quite make the show:

RiZA – Kabembe

Featuring members of Loah and incredibly Congolese-born, Irish-based guitarist Niwel Tsumbu (who’s albums everyone should buy, they’re a perfect Sunday afternoon chill out), Kabembe explores Tsumbu’s heartwrenching recent personal life in his native Lingala. The lyrics are about Tsumbu’s recent discovery that his 14 year old son isn’t biologically his; the touching melodies amongst the best things we’ve heard this year. We’ll certainly be talking about the album, which is due in October.

GoldenPlec Select on RTE 2XM Volume 3: Comrade Hat

In ColourThe Main Bit

The second GoldenPlec Select on In Colour on RTÉ’s 2XM featured yours truly talking in-depth on Derry’s spacy, mountain-inspired dream-tracks from the wonderfully named ‘Comrade Hat’.

The segment features a chat on using synths to create modern music, and how the style has changed since its early 90s prominence.

Presenter Darren Cleary and I delve into Comrade Hat’s peaceful influences and samples, the influences of orchestra, ‘The Beach’ and escapism. You can listen the Comrade Hat’s EP ‘The Winter Takes It All’ below, and all our rambling on the podcast, here.

This Week’s Other Highlights:

Here are some other highlights from the past two weeks of James’ inbox:

Jamie Duff – This Dublin singer-songwriter kindly gave us a preview of his soon to be released self-titled EP, which we can’t play for you just yet (it’s not out until next month), but it sounds like an Irish folk form of Jack Johnson on a particularly emotional day. There’s definitely a nice summer vibe, if not quite the happy buzz of flawless ecstasy that tends to constitute summer tracks. Think smart guitars, a softly seductive vocal and some tender topics. Jamie will be avoiding us on the streets of the capital after that description. You’ll have to make do with this for now, though:

GoldenPlec Select on RTE 2XM Volume 2: The Pox Men

2xmThe Main Bit

The 13th of April’s second GoldenPlec Select on In Colour on RTÉ’s 2XM featured GP mag co-editor James Hendicott talking in-depth on Donegal’s manic celtic punk/ sea shanty/ The Fall inspired rebels The Pox Men, and their self-titled debut album (listen to the album here)

The segment features chat on Celtic punk’s odd status in Ireland, and where The Pox Men’s messy yet compelling style fits into the scene.

Presenter Darren Cleary and James delve into The Pox Men’s summery Christmas antics, their pirate-style vocals, the origins of that name and what’s so intriguing about all this bog-focused weirdness.

You can listen back in full here.