The Thin Air Issue 4.

Delighted as I am to kick off as editor of the new Goldenplec Magazine in a public capacity last week, I’m also extremely happy to still be very much part of another wonderful free sheet doing the rounds a little more regularly, The Thin Air. With all that was going on over at Goldenplec, I chipped in a little less than I might have liked on the latest issue, with just a short blurb on one of my favourite current Irish acts Axis Of (free download in last month’s MAP, if you want to check them out). Regardless of my own role, however, I love this magazine and would highly recommend you all tuck into it if you’re at all in the Irish music scene. Loah – who graces the front cover of this issue – is a particularly sensational up and comer, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see her as the next big thing out of Ireland over the coming months. A nod to Tara Thomas for a fantastic photos, too. Dig in below, or pick it up at their usual outlets in a few days.

Tara’s gorgeous cover is below, click here to get stuck in.


The Thin Air Issue 3

The Thin Air LogoThe Thin Air is now in its third issue in its full ‘make sure you get your grubby paws on this’ printed glory, and watching from the relative distance of a regular contributor it’s felt like a seemless transition (experience tells me the editorial team would laugh at such a notion). This issue is particularly special to me – I was absolutely thrilled to be offered the cover story, which is on Galway-based experimental bedroom-recording hero So Cow and his recently added studio/ full band.

Brian Kelly and I have a particularly weird crossover of a background, which made the interview and write up an intriguing journey down memory lane for me. The early part of So Cow’s musical career took place in Seoul, where we both hovered unknown to each other around the fringes of the expat group responsible for the first magazine I was ever published in, the glossy cultural snark of Rokon. Brian even found a mild and slightly creepy level of fame in SoKo, with his song Moon Geun Young grabbing the frenzied temporary focus only a combination of the internet and popular TV stars can bring. Not that the song has a thing to do with Ms. Moon, but you’ll have to get stuck into the article (below, page 16) to get the full lowdown on that. What a character!