Mustafa Khetty


Mustafa Khetty celebrates Michael Collins with themed new record

Born in Sri Lanka and raised in Dublin, history scholar and musician Mustafa Khetty feels Michael Collins in his very soul. So much so that his new record, ‘Torn In Love, Torn Apart’, is built entirely around Collins’ romantic world.

His love of the independence-era hero dates right back to his school days. “I was taught by an amazing history teacher, Michael Halliday whose description of the personalities who made history were far more interesting than facts and narrative,” Khetty recalls. 

“Michael Collins was an enigma. His daring, mischief, wit and stealth were the stuff of movies. He was Dennis the Menace, James Bond and Houdini combined. I also liked the David and Goliath aspect of Michael Collins and his band of a few hundred merry men and women taking on a mighty empire.”

“About two years ago, Facebook highlighted the Michael Collins Society in Dublin and the Midlands, which rekindled my interest and research. Along the journey, it dawned on me to render the tragic romance of Michael Collins and Kitty Kiernan in music.” Kiernan, of course, was scheduled to be married to Collins before his death in 1922.

In particular, Khetty’s music is based on around 300 letters written between Kiernan and Collins, extrapolated and manipulated to put the story to music.