Kormac: “The has a certain vision, it’s supposed to sound almost live”

DJ Kormac’s new album ‘Equivalent Exchange’ is an unusual production: a mix of classical music and beats, which fuses a plethora of local pop talent with a dramatic orchestral sound and deeply layered style changes.

It’s the beautiful product of training in texture and subtlety, combined with his work on developing lively in-person shows, and showcasing a sound that is a clear progression on his previous work, and of undeniably inventive quality.

“This record started as a live show for the closing of the St Patrick’s Festival in 2018, before which I trained in Bulgaria to write for orchestra’s,” Kormac says of his new LP. “I’ve been writing for TV since, things like ‘Resurrection’ on Disney Plus, so there’s been a lot going on. With so many moving parts to record, not least the orchestra and brass, it took some time to produce.”

“People know me as a DJ, but I’ve brought a lot of live musicians into club settings and onto my records,” he adds. “I like to collaborate, and I’m no stranger to live instruments. This seemed like another challenge, a way of writing new material that people might connect with emotionally. It was written for a live show and has a certain vision.” 

“The record is supposed to sound almost live. I wanted to produce the most aggressive, dramatic intro I could, with all the orchestra. I wanted to have a semi-electronic drop, and then to bring in a rapper,” he says of the opening track with local star Jafaris. “I wanted something really arresting and abrasive.”

“Everyone on the record I’m a huge fan of,” he says of collaborations that also include Loah and MayKay. “They all do their own thing that I’m not part of, and bring their experience to it. I find it interesting to harness and investigate what other people do in their fields and how we can work together, to make something different and new. It’s very much a suite of music, something that was edited down from an hour and a half.”