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Gorgon City: Building A Dance Dynasty

Accessible London house act combine beats and an intelligent approach to building their business in an effort to take over the world of chart dance, and flit into the underground, too.

In a world where some of music’s biggest artists are commercialising their work in – from a fan’s perspective, at least – all the wrong ways, it’s refreshing to see more of an ethos-driven, hard-working and multi-faceted approach to slipping seamlessly into the big time.

London house music duo Gorgon City are not quite a household name yet, and a far cry from the growing world of high-cost VIP meet and greets or ticket sales linked in with buying a small heap of merchandise. In their world, though, they’re edging close to the summit, and the story of their rise is about far more than 2014 hit single ‘Ready For Your Love’.

The duos sound is always beat-driven, taking much of its inspiration from the deep house and garage scenes, but adds chart colour with a series of special guest vocalists. In the past, their tracks have incorporated anyone from MNET to Klaxons, Wyclef Jean to Jennifer Hudson.

Performing both live and as DJs, and perhaps most importantly as part of a heavily franchised, multinational radio show, the pair have developed their music in a series of directions, also splitting their sound into what they see as their chart-ready, accessible angle and a more underground, edgy buzz that comes out in DJ sets and in their popular, franchised radio show.

“The radio show still feels new,” Kye ‘Foamo’ Gibbon tells us ahead of their return to Dublin club District 8. “It’s been exciting to have a radio show in a lot of countries where we’ve never actually played. It’s led to a lot of new bookings coming from places like South America, Asia and Eastern Europe.”

“It’s also a really cool project,” he continues. “It really keeps us on top of new music, and helps us work towards the development of our own label. We hope to be releasing stuff from other people before too long, and we’re keeping a close eye on quite a few up and coming producers.”