GoldenPlec Magazine Issue 2

gp mag2If you’ve somehow managed to miss GoldenPlec Magazine Issue 2 by some strange quirk of life like… I don’t know… living outside of Ireland (or the general Shoreditch area… go ahead, call us hipsters!), it’s now online for your leisurely perusal through Issu.

We decided to go with Conor O’Brien’s Villagers on the cover for issue 2, for a number of reasons which obviously include his latest release. Perhaps more important, though,  is his personal and emotive stance on the up and coming marriage equality referendum here in Ireland. Conor’s interview piece is an evocative take on his own love life, and how it plays out in the music of his fantastic third album Darling Arithmetic (check out the limited edition gold vinyl if you can still dig one out; it’s a work of art), through both lyrics and the general though process behind what he put together this time out.

Other interviewees at the forefront this time are HamsandwicH, who joined Villagers in getting to number one in Ireland with their album Stories from the Surface, out the same week as the magazine hit the shelves back in early April. The Vaccines talked about English Graffiti, while the prolific Anna Job gave us a lowdown on her second home, Berlin, or more specifically it’s world-renowned clubbing scene.

The festival section offers up a brief foray into what’s hot for the coming months, and we have nine Irish albums and a few top gigs, including Muse’s first show in nearly a year in Belfast, all reviewed.

If you can’t resist the smell of print in the morning, give me a shout, we still have a small pile left that’ll go out at cost rate. Otherwise, dig in!