FYNCH: “Admirable traits in men stem from your basic humanity, not being a tough lad”

Drimnagh rapper FYNCH is very much the modern-day rapper, using his music to examine the themes of modern-day life, such as battles with toxic masculinity, while forming connections to assist his music online.

FYNCH’s debut EP ‘Bookies Pens & Loose Ends’ was released late last year, and for much of the time since then, like the rest of us, he’s been forced into a life less ordinary. Self examination has been an important road.

“Self-reflection is always something which comes out in my tunes, and I’ve looked at the patriarchal society we live in as being detrimental to seemingly everything, including men at large. I just recalled and recounted elements of it in the track, even the title is a nod to the instance of being a ‘big man’ as though it’s somehow admirable. Admirable traits in men (and indeed everyone) stem from your basic humanity, not being a tough lad.”

Latest single ‘Big Man’, out this week, is the product of a collaboration with regular partner in crime Local Boy and an unlikely backbeat sourced from elsewhere in Europe.

“The track I found by chance by trawling through the internet,” FYNCH explains. “Mikkel is a Danish producer and I loved his stuff, so I hit him up and we went from there. As for myself and Local Boy, I had the track written, but I needed some signature flavour, so I hit up Local Boy and asked him to hop on the track. Thankfully, he didn’t need any persuasion, so we went from there.”