Carron: “if there’s a terrible storm outside, life doesn’t stop. That’s what it’s been about for us.”

CARRON’s emergence into the Irish music scene has been a slow burner. In fact, in a sense their soulful, organic-sounding harmonies and lyrically intense melodies have been brewing since birth.

The two sisters, Meabh and Mella Carron (who’s band borrow their surname as a moniker, CARRON) have dabbled in music for years, but it took a personal crisis to push them from a covers band to delicate, folksy originals.

Specifically, it was Mella’s long-term sickness a few years ago had the girls chasing dreams. “It was a hard time, but it brought our whole family together around the music,” Meabh explains.

“Mella was in and out of hospital for about a year and a half. We started writing original music in that time, and our first EP was about our relationship as sisters. One of our songs, ‘Prison Robes’, is actually about Mella’s sickness. The opening line is ‘we’re never ready for attack’, because the illness used to come on like that, very sudden. It felt like an attack to all of us.”

There’s real poignance in the pair’s gentle songs, which have since grown to include a number one Irish single in ‘Battle Lines’ (produced by Gavin Glass), an EP entitled ‘Roots’, and melancholy new single ‘Even Sad Birds Sing’.