Carriages: “I use my phone to capture sounds from a day out and put them directly into the song”

Carriages. Photography by Ruth Medjber www.ruthlessimagery.com

Dublin duo Carriages are one of those charing bands that seem to put genre aside, and instead focus on producing things that are deeply personal, more an aesthetic than a distinct sound.

Harry Bookless (producer) and Aaron Page (singer-songwriter) have been largely out of action in recent months, but are still producing subtle tracks based on field recordings and weighty memories, exploring for themselves as much as anyone else.

I asked Harry about what’s going on with the pair, and found a man who sounds deeply content with life, with music a natural byproduct…

Let’s start with the obvious – what’s happening with you guys? It’s been a while!

Since Movement came out, I’ve gotten married, had a daughter and now have a son on the way so I’ve just been living life. Aaron hasn’t had any kids but he’s been running marathons and raising his cat.

We both work full time and have never treated Carriages as a full time thing so it can take us a long time to get music out, but I definitely took a long break when my daughter Nina was born. The thought of being a part of a music industry, networking and tirelessly promoting the band has never appealed to us in any way, and anytime I’ve spent promoting releases in the past has always been stressful and a little heartbreaking.

Having said that, we’ve been having a surge of writing over the last two years so we should hopefully be dipping our toes into the promotion machine again pretty soon.

Do the two of you have other musical projects on the go instead?

No, not at all. When we first started, I was in Little Xs For Eyes and was working on their last album, ‘Everywhere Else’, but we stopped playing together. Aaron was playing with a few different bands and has released an album under the name Water Cycle but at the moment we are just doing Carriages. I’d be delighted to hear another Water Cycle album though. I’m sure there’s another one in him.