Beoga: “We’d been fans of Lissie and knew she’d bring the right folk tone to it all”

Beoga‘s gentle ride into the mainstream realm has really taken flight in recent years. Despite being an unconventional ‘pop’ act – they sit closer to folk and trad circles – they’ve worked with Ed Sheeran and Lissie, and found themselves with millions of plays on Spotify.

With years in the music industry, though, you get the impression their recent success is essentially just another phase to the band, who remain at their best in the live arena, and have a heap of new material waiting in the wings to be polished off and released.

I caught up with them ahead of the launch of new single ‘In A Rocket’, which features that folk star Lissie.

First of all, guys, congrats on the Lissie collaboration. How did that come about?

Thanks, the song had been brewing for a long time and then someone suggested Lissie could be the kind of artist who would help finish it. We approached her and she agreed so happy days! We’d been fans of hers and knew she’d bring the right folk tone to it all.  

We could all use the kind of escapism that’s explored in the single right now. Does your music offer that to you?

All music does to an extent I suppose, it’s important to be able to take yourself away from the news headlines for a bit here and there and music definitely helps. 

Have your lives changed significantly since the Ed Sheeran work, in terms of people reaching out to you, and recognition for your music?

Not really, a small bit maybe. We’ve always been pretty active so that hasn’t changed, the business side of it has changed in terms of having record labels and publishers and stuff involved. It’s definitely helped us reach a new audience that wouldn’t have found our music otherwise.