De\Code Magazine is a now defunct Irish urban culture magazine named after one of the most famous critical theory essays of Jamaican cultural theorist Stuart Hall. It was co-owned and jointly edited by James Hendicott and Steve O’Rourke. We intended to explore all aspects of urban culture, with a particular emphasis on music, theatre, cinema, arts and crafts, politics and urban issues and travel, in various proportions issue on issue. The emphasis was not on repeating the same stories that you’ll find elsewhere, but on bringing a level of depth to ideas, events and arts that we believe are in the public interest, but might not often find themselves given heavy media coverage. Between us, we have a wide variety of interests. As such our statement of intent is suitably vague:

By combining a level of content that challenges both the writer and reader with the cutting edge style of a design periodical, De\Code aims to confound the weary eyes and tired minds of readers too often treated as the lowest common denominator. Using essays, interviews and imagery to present a wide range of topics from the worlds of art, culture and beyond, De\Code will facilitate and reward both curiosity and critical assessment.

As De\Code was a free sheet magazine, we made every issue available online through a variety of formats, from Issu (perfect for on-screen reading) to the more transportable Kindle option. You can view the contents and full version of all issues by clicking on the cover images, below:

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