Ghostwriting Services

Telling other people’s stories is a fascinating process. It’s a process of building trust, getting to know how people act, how they relate to the world, and how they might like things to connect with the public domain. My own debut book, ‘CONIFA: Football For The Forgotten‘, is essentially based on the same principle.

I currently do so professionally for a US and UK based company called Story Terrace (find my profile here), for whom I’m producing my fourth book at the time of writing. These texts tend to stay outside the public domain, intended for private consumption, but they cover a wide array of topics: I’ve written about the story of a couple relocating their lives to 70s Peru as missionaries, and about a life spent in the Dublin music industry, about decades of family life and about the growth and change of Dublin society.

One of the co-authors of these books has kindly allowed me to reproduce the cover details below.

I am available to produce full books, though given the length and complexity of the process, and the personal requirements of it, I generally want to have a good idea of the story and the person involved, and to make sure I’m a good fit and taken with the concept, before I even consider such an undertaking.

If you’re looking for a complete package, with the book fully and beautifully produced, I would suggest going via Story Terrace. For the complete edited text, I can do this myself.

You can read my feedback here. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or queries.