Fringe Football

Karpatalya v Northern Cyprus, CONIFA Final at Enfield Town FC

I have been exploring the fringes of football, from CONIFA to the Homeless World Cup, via struggling African teams, Oceanian entities battles with FIFA, pseudo-state entities struggling for representation, and teams that simply operate outside of the norm. Below are links to the various articles I’ve produced:


CONIFA: Football For The Forgotten‘ – my book on CONIFA, based around the 2018 tournament in London, and the teams involved.

CONIFA 2018 London – Matchday 1: Clattenburg, Sportsmanship and the Matabeleland Party

CONIFA 2018 London – A brief review of Barawa v Tamil Eelam for Prost Amerika 

CONIFA 2018 London – Matchday 2: Mad Hungarians, Upsets, and A Trip Down Wembley Way

CONIFA 2018 London – Matchday 3: The Favourites Fall, and A Taste of Kabylia

CONIFA 2018 London – Matchday 4: A Lull, A Protest, A Thrashing, and A Cracker

CONIFA 2018 London – Matchday 5: Fantastic Semis Light Up The World Football Cup

CONIFA 2018 London – Matchday 6: An Atmospheric Final, and An Encounter with Tibet

Island Games 2019: A Day At The Island Games (Anglesey)


Guernsey Football: “Guernsey FC and the pathway it now affords young players in Guernsey serves as a realistic and viable aspiration”

Podcast Appearance: Talking CONIFA with These Football Times (in depth)

Podcast Appearance – (around the launch of my CONIFA book)

Radio Appearance – RTE 2XM

Radio Appearance – Near FM Beyond the Back Page