Competition: Leinster Senior League Division Senior Sunday 1 (fourth tier)

Date: 3 February 2023

Result: Skerries Town 2 – 0 Tolka Rovers

Tickets: €5 (adult, including tea or coffee)

Attendance: 80 (rough head count)

Game/ Experience Rating:  ☆☆☆

The Game: A game of two halfs: a wildly entertaining first half, and a fairly dull second one, a little pressure aside. Skerries, who were mid table going into this game, took the lead with pretty much their first attack, with a sweeping move ending in a shot being deflected into the back of Tolka’s net.

Skerries were on top generally early on, without producing a huge amount, but the half came alive in a nasty way after a couple of yellow cards gave way to a niggly game and a horrible challenge right in front of me on the sideline. An absolute legbreaker of a tackle from a Tolka midfielder on Skerries’ wide man saw the Skerries man jump straight up and punch his tackler in the head. In fairness, he was lucky to be in one piece, however overblown the reaction was. There was a bit of a brawl and both were, quite rightly, sent off. Fiesty.

From then on, there was something a bit stand off ish about the game, almost like both sides didn’t want any more agro. After half time, Tolka dominated, but didn’t produce very much despite it, with both sides looking tired. Skerries soaked it up, usually without much of an outlet, until with the final attack of the game they managed to string a forward move together and snatched a 2-0 win with a sliding finish from a sub. A bit fortunate, all things considered, but then again the league leaders were surprisingly tepid up front.

The ground:  A tight little ground in behind the houses a five minute walk back from Skerries main street (Skerries is lovely, by the way, full of boutique shops and a beautiful sea front). I was surprised how squeezed in everything was, with barely any space between the pitch and metal barriers, and spectactors pretty much only along one side.

A nice feel to the place, though, with a postive and friendly crowd. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a place that includes tea or coffee in the entry fee, and the little shipping container with the coffee doubled as a tiny club shop. I didn’t go in the bigger club house.

Extras: That coffee? I don’t mind paying in a little for LSL games. Most seem to be free, but I think a small charge makes sense to support the clubs.

Assorted asides: A good quality of football for 5km from home. Could Skerries sneak their way into the top tier of Leinster Senior League at some point? It seems doable.

My totals for the year so far:

Games: 3. Home wins: 2 Draws: 1 Away wins: 0

Goals: 9. Home goals: 6. Away goals: 3. Goals per game: 3



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