Oisin Mod‘s debut album Honeycomb was produced by Bill Ryder Jones, a team-up that happened for the simplest of reasons: the Moycullen native asked him.

He doesn’t seem particularly surprised by the natural connect that came about between the pair, either, producing a record that sounds unusually mature for a first effort, evoking a kind of fuzzy, coming of age buzz. I caught up with him briefly to talk over the first single (also called Honeycomb) and the record that will soon follow.

So give me the lowdown on Honeycomb in just a few lines – what’s it all about, and what inspired it?

That song has one eye pretending to look forward while the other is looking at something that’s making it feel a bit sick I think. It’s probably a love song.

Writing to Bill Ryder Jones in the hope he’d produce it must have felt optimistic at the time. How did you feel when he wrote back? 

I thought he’d understand where I was coming from to be honest. I was looking forward to working with him. 

What was it like to actually work with him?

He was very encouraging, which I appreciated. He’s a fan of music and songs. We understood one-another’s rhythms. It was enjoyable. He’s an inspiring person. 

The whole thing came together very fast, did that impact on the sound?

I’m not sure. It probably did in some ways and probably didn’t in others. I was happy to not worry too much about it and let it be whatever it was going to be. 

Which tracks stand out to you?

‘Luminator’ is one of my favourites. Maybe because it took a long time to write. Bill plays some slide guitar at the end of it. 10/10. 

How have you found getting into music when you come from outside the usual hotspots?

I’ve found it fine. I don’t really know any different. What makes a spot hot? 

What kind of music do you listen to, and how does it feed into your sound? 

I was listening to mostly 60s & 70s stuff while I was writing these songs. How it feeds into the sound is entirely up to the listener I think. 

You seem to be taking your first steps into the ‘industry’ side of music. How are you finding that?

It’s all right. I’m working with people I like & admire and am glad to be.

What are your hopes for the future? 

At the moment just to continue to have an appetite for working. It would be nice to make another record. 

Oisin Mod’s debut single ‘Honeycomb’ is out now – the debut album of the same name will be released in August 2022.  He plays live shows at Galway An Taibhdhearc (12 August) & London Paper Dress Vintage (14 September).


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