“I try to do what I can for social change, I try to practice what I preach on social media. With the BLM movement last year, I marched and I got in touch with my black friends and I shared everything I could on social media, but really I found myself wondering if that was enough, I had to really look at my life and figure out and ultimately face up to things that I may have done (consciously or subconsciously) to make other people feel bad about themselves.”

“So I tried to do the reading and donate to the right people and help as much as I could. I really do think people should be allowed to live however they want, as long as they aren’t hurting anybody, but I understand that that’s a fantasy in itself, we aren’t ever going to make everyone in the world agree. So all I can do is my best to make sure I treat everyone as they deserve to be treated and learn about things that I don’t necessarily understand.”

Eyes, though, are firmly on the future, or more specifically on the chance to showcase what and how Baba Music has developed during time away from the spotlight and the pressures of a more everyday life.

“I have become so acclimated to being at home with my dog that I wonder if I will ever leave the house again!” she laughs “I am also listening to more music than I ever have before, but of course the thought of going to a show and even better, performing at a show, is almost too much to think about. I really have been trying to take the pandemic day by day, which is new for me because I am so impatient.”

‘Keep You Safe’ by Baba Music is out now.

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