Neomadic‘s mellow, tripped-out style of hip-hop is, in their own words, an ode to the summer, and it does ooze the feel of the after club, a kind of sunny-climes spaciness laden with easy charm.

I found myself swept away by the style of ‘After Dark’, its distinctive and original and absolutely shine with colour, and those animated videos are something a bit special, too. I caught up with them around the time of the single ‘Waves’ to talk over their progress…

Hi guys, congrats on the new single. Can you tell me a little bit about it?

Thanks so much, it was inspired the ocean, late nights cruising, relationships, and generally good times. It’s centred on taking that leap of faith and really going for something, we hope people listening can relate to that feeling and be inspired by it.

Talk to me about that animated video – that’s class!

We’ve always been really into animation and everything to do with it. We feel our fans really enjoy it, the type of music goes hand in hand with anything animated really.

You seem to be big into the arts side of things. Do you see that as a big part of what you do?

Yea of course! But I’m sure any musician or artist would. It’s hard not to be when you’re creating something. Especially these days where artists have a much bigger say in their work compared to a few decades ago.

How much difference did your Other Voices make – was it a real launch for you?

It was an honour to be able to play! I wouldn’t really say it was a massive launch or anything like that but it was a key step at the time and it felt great to be noticed by Other Voices.

How did getting that show come about?

We had been gigging quite regularly and it was going well. We managed to get some slots at Electric Picnic and it turns out Other Voices was one of them.

The EPs on the way. What kind of message and image did you want to put out on it?

This EP was made last summer and it’s mostly inspired by that. Those warm nights where you’re up till all hours chilling on your own or with close friends and lovers. This EP is a soundtrack to those kinda nights. It’s for the nocturnal.

You recorded in Canada… how did that come about, and what were the benefits – what made you return to Ireland, ultimately?

We decided to head out there and see what it was like not really knowing what we’d find. Growing up for me I had lived in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Ireland by the time I was 17 so the idea of being a nomad is something I’ve incorporated into my lifestyle as well as our music.

It’s been a long time since you put anything out, really. What have you been doing in the meantime?

We released a couple songs last summer and decided to form the rest into a single project.

Have you found corona has brought any positives in terms of your music, or has it all just been struggles?

It’s been a mixture of both. The opportunity to take some extra time working on music but it’s also been hard with social life pretty much non-existent. Ireland seems to be one of the strictest places in the world at the moment.

What are your hopes for the future?

To keeping making music and trying to get out to more and more people. To keep growing NEOMADiC.


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