Josh Gray’s latest single is starkly appropriate, a vibrant lockdown anthem of a cover, borrowed to suit our times.

‘Hold On’ is a 30 year old single that originally knocked Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ off number one in the US charts, and perfectly suited to the mental anguish of the coronavirus and its social impact. Gray, one of a plethora of fast-rising pop acts, is the perfect man to deliver it…

I must admit I wasn’t familiar with ‘Hold On’ as an original (maybe I’ve been living under a rock!). What made you pick it out as a cover right now?

Hey! It’s quite funny, a lot of people have been thinking that I wrote it, it’s actually an original song by Wilson Phillips! The reason I picked it out as a cover was down to the message it tries to push out, that times are hard but it will get better. I think I speak for everyone when I say we’ve all been struggling a little in the current climate. We all have our own worries that are relevant to ourselves, so I want to try my best to send a positive message to as many as I could!

How has your personal journey been over the last few months?

It’s been quite mixed, I’ve been thriving in my writing and production!  I’m excited to share! On the other hand it’s been tough at times when it’s uncertain as to when we can get back out gigging again, but I think it’s been a great opportunity to do those ‘on the long finger’ things.

Is there any way to make our current circumstances into an opportunity as a musician?

Yes, it’s a great time to be creative and grow your skills as a musician! I never thought I’d be so far into production as I am so soon, but I guess thats what 10 hour days making music does to you.

Do you find the strange social circumstances we find ourselves in impact on your music?

I won’t lie, and say it hasn’t. I think it’s been tough on everyone. It’s pushed things out a bit but, it’s hard not to be out performing and engaging with people. Online outlets are great but for me you can’t beat the real physical thing. I’ve been very lucky though with all of the support with Spotify streams and some really touching messages of support from people I really hope to meet one day at a live show or just in general. With the current situation, I’ve learned to try and adapt and I think I’m still trying to day by day!

Can you tell me a bit about your journey with music so far? How did you get to this point?

My journeys have been amazing so far, I’m really enjoying being present in the moment. Off the back of my debut single ‘Cut Loose’, things just really popped off in ways I couldn’t imagine! to a degree things are on pause a little in certain aspects but I’m ok with it knowing this storm will pass! I’m only a year and a bit into my artist project so i’m looking forward to what’s to come!

How important has social media been in your journey?

Social media has been very important, it’s a great way to get content out there and engage with fans. Especially the fact you push your music worldwide by the tap of a button.  

I noticed a fan got a tattoo linked to one of your songs recently. How did that feel to you?

That was a pinch me moment, it was so uplifting as an artist and a songwriter knowing someone carries a piece of your work on their body for life. Being able to touch people with your music is just such an amazing feeling.

Goldfingers obviously have some serious production credits to their name. How did you find working with them?

Frank and Linus are great, we’ve been working a lot together on my projects and it’s been great fun. We just seem to click really well and I’m very lucky to be working with them.

All being well, you’ll be touring with McFly next year. Is it possible to look forward to that properly at the moment?

I’m super excited by it, I’ve always loved McFly! right now it’s hard to know if it will happen when expected but hopefully the world’s back to normal by then!

What are your plans for the future?

I’m hoping to get my first EP/album out soon as I get a start on being back on the road across Ireland and the U.K. I’m planning to head to Nashville and Los Angeles too to work on some exciting things!


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