Sophie Doyle-Ryder, photo by Ray Keogh

Malahide singer-songwriter Sophie Doyle-Ryder is only four singles old, but already drawing comparisons with the likes of Anne-Marie and Ariane Grande, having reached number 9 on the Irish radio play charts with her third single ‘Too Much’.

Her music is vibrant, atmospheric pop, and she’s well-placed to make an impact, having teamed up with Grammy award-winning producer Billy Farrell for latest single ‘Little Black Book’. I caught up with Sophie to see how her lockdown is going…

I guess given you were releasing music at the age of just 17, it’s clear that music is a huge part of your life. How have you developed your sound?

I feel I developed my sound by trial and error really. It’s all about trying new things and finding what suits you well! It may take a long time or a short time it all just depends! I find writing a form of therapy and always write about real situations; either mine or my friends’ experience.

Can you tell me a little about ‘Little Black Book’ and how it came together?

Little Black Book is a women’s empowerment song, it is one of my favourites by far! It’s all about being good on your own and almost using people to your advantage. Knowing that you have boys, but only if you want them! It’s so fun and cheeky, I love it.

How many tracks do you have behind the scenes and ready to go – are there EPs or albums on the horizon, for example?

I will release a few more singles before then. I have a good few tracks ready to go! However, it might be another while until an ep and album comes. I want to make it really special.

Have you reflected on your music and changed anything during lockdown?

I feel like I’ve found my sound more than ever during covid lockdowns! I’ve really enjoyed the creative process of music even more because I just feel so established as an artist.

How do you feel about returning to play live after this break – whenever that might be?

I’m so excited! Performing live is such a good feeling the atmosphere is always unbeatable!! I love it

How have you found breaking into music, and the way the scene is?

It is quite tough, but if you just keep working hard and releasing music you get there eventually. It’s just hard especially when you’re young because I feel like most people just see it as a hobby to me! but it’s my career and how I wanna make a living, from music.

What do you think of the Irish pop scene at the moment?

I think it is literally flooded with insanely talented people! Everybody that I’ve met has been so kind! There are so many talented females.

I guess in some cases you have the odd experience of playing in venues that technically you’re not old enough to be inside. Your Whelan’s gig info says ‘over 18’ for example. I won’t ask you to talk about drinking (I definitely did it at 17, I guess we all did), but does that feel odd?

It definitely does feel weird but it’s also a really nice feeling to be able to go somewhere I wasn’t usually able to! Now I’m 18 though so I can’t wait for Whelans.

How do you find the media side of things?

I love it. I love content and the more the merrier! Posting things about radio interviews or new songs or collabs is my fav thing to do. I love hearing that people are requesting my music on the radio too.

How would you like your career as a musician to progress from here?

I’d just love to keep growing! Gradually getting bigger and bigger!

What are your hopes for the future?

World Tour!!! That is the ultimate dream. I’d also love to collaborate with people like Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and Doja Cat.


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