I’d almost hesitate to say it, but things are starting to look a lot better. Three of the last four days in Ireland, for example, have had less than 10 new detected cases in total, and experts are starting to whisper that perhaps there aren’t really any active cases on the streets anymore, or at least very insignificant numbers.

That brings its own anxiety, of course. Like, should we go out any more than we have to? I mean, I certainly won’t be rushing back into the reopening shops on Grafton Street, but there is a sense that it’s okay to go out and enjoy the world just a little bit more, and it’s hard to know where to draw that line (within guidelines, naturally, but under the circumstances, it makes sense to be more cautious where that’s an option).

There has been a slight acceleration in things reopening, and I guess we need to see the fall out of that to know where we really stand. It’s hard to imagine being back in day jobs any time soon despite the improvements, at least for those of us who work in offices and are lucky enough to be able to do things from home. I’d anticipate August or so.

Things have slowed quite a bit at home. We’re kind of chugging along, and have added a couple of pet rabbits to the family (they’re great fun), but we aren’t really able to get our heads around any extras at the moment – things like DIY, which we hit hard at the start, have really died a death in the last few weeks. To be honest I’m tired, all the time, which is a real shame. I think its a combination of lack of variety and finding sleep hard to come by. What can you do.

Perhaps we’re over the hump.


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