The best casinos on the international playing scene

Traveling the world is a dream that many aspire to fulfill, but only a few actually do. The truth is, there will always be a part of human beings that makes them scared of the unknown; and what is traveling if not venturing and immersing oneself in the unfamiliar.

This same sentiment should also go for casino aficionados looking to up their experience levels. Going to the usual local gaming establishments is all well and good, but to truly get a world-class challenge, players should expand their boundaries, get out of their comfort zones, and see what other casinos from all four corners of the Earth have to offer.

Additionally, many of these casinos provide an added layer of sophistication, being frequented by high-rolling casino players the world over. Many casinos now seek to draw in new players with lavish interiors that promote extravagance, as online casinos have begun to appeal to more and more people. A blog post by Intercasino, the world’s first online casino, which has expanded from simple slot and card games to include even a “Live” Casino and Roulette experience, explains that online casinos focus on providing the most convenient experience to their patrons. By contrast, land-based casinos make it a point to make their halls and interiors worth the trip. This means that not only will your playing proficiency increase by visiting the casinos below, but you’ll be treated to some of the most stylishly refined environs ever.

1. One of the most famous gaming places in the world, the Monte Carlo Casino just reeks of elegance. If the social status of the majority of its patrons doesn’t give that away, then surely its connection to James Bond lore will; and really, who could be more suave than 007 himself? Not only was the casino featured in the 1995 movie GoldenEye, but going back more than three decades prior, the casino was a huge inspiration for the first ever Bond novel, Casino Royale.

2. Continuing with the Bond brand of class, the movie Skyfall features a scene that takes place in a floating casino in Macau. While the film’s Golden Dragon Casino is fictional, it is true that Macau is by many accounts the gaming Mecca of Asia. Of all its gaming places though, the one that arguably stands out the most is the Grand Lisboa, and not just because of the building’s unique shape. Reportedly, its poker rooms regularly hold the best and toughest tournaments in the continent, making it a prime destination for players who really want to test their skills on the international stage.


3. Sin City has been and always will be connected to the casino industry, and of its many gaming establishments, the Palazzo Resort is quite possibly the swankiest of all. In addition to its European design stylings, it offers practically everything a world-wise casino player could ever want, butler service included.


For the discerning casino player, the thrill of the challenge is a big allure of gaming; and for many, this thrill can only be attained by traveling far and wide in search of that game room that will test his limits. The casinos above are but a few examples of such places, but they should be enough to get you started on your world-playing conquest.

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Lucy has been working as an interior designer ever since she graduated from Ohio State in 1998. In her downtime she enjoys writing about her profession, reading books and playing with her 3-year-old daughter.


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