We’re absolutely blown away to learn that almost every copy of GoldenPlec Magazine has disappeared from the shelves after just over a week. Tower in Dawson Street (Dublin) still has some on stock, as I restocked them Friday afternoon, but most of the 2,000 we printed, most seem to be already occupying people’s kitchen tables or providing some good screen-free bathroom reading. The last place I can absolutely guarantee you a copy (for now) is over on eBay, where we have forty something left up for grabs at cost price, deliverable anywhere. If you’re feeling lazy/ cheap/ don’t want to wait, though, we have it up on Issu here, so dive straight in:

A few little PR things worth seeing that have popped up over the last couple of weeks, that might be worth a look, too:

    • Aidan and Ros got themselves over on RTE’s TwoTube talking about the mag, which we thought was quite a nice moment. You can watch that below. I’ll be writing a piece for the RTE TEN website over the next week or two, too, about why we decided to go to print when print publications are struggling.


    • The Last Mixed Tape were incredibly kind about us on their Podcast (it’s towards the end, from around the hour mark/ just before). Thanks guys! You can listen below.


So it’s been a bit of a ride, but just about time to focus on Issue 2. The fun never stops!


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