I was offered the chance to write a cartoon on South Korean culture, and who am I to argue? This is the result. It’s intended as a commentary on how Korea’s original aims have been twisted into a kind of avid commercialism, something that we’ve used ‘Tiger and Bear’ – the characters in the traditional story of the country’s creation – to show. The artist is a Korean-based American called Matt Broadhurst, and the title ‘Tiger and Bear in Jung Gu’ refers to a major shopping district in Korea. Cartoons aren’t my usual specialty, but I’m all for a bit of variety!

Tiger and Bear in Jung Gu



  1. Hey James,
    This ia Priyanshi from india.Please Write stories on indian characters also.

  2. James

    Hi Priyanshi, this was a one-time project with an artist (I can’t draw at all myself, I just write!), for a South Korean publication. I’d love to do more than this (I’ve actually spent a lot of time in India), but I’m not sure I’ll have the chance, sadly. Thanks for your interest!

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